Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to paint a ... oh look! A puppy!

In the midst of about half a dozen home improvement endeavors, another aftermath of layoffs at work, two night classes and more responsibilities with my professional group, I got a puppy.

Never had one before. I am a cat person, who was living quietly with two overweight and lethargic felines. But a few months ago, I saw this litter of puppies that were rescued by a colleague.

One stood out, because she looked like a miniature St. Bernard. When another colleague decided she couldn't take the dog, I volunteered instead. This dog had to be a part of my life.

She's a lot of work. And her presence has halted almost all the work on my house. I was adding insulation to exterior walls in my laundry room. I had to hire the rest of the work out -- but it was drywalling and adding trim, work best left to a professional anyway.

I had a dog door added as well, so Da Puppee can find shelter in colder weather during the day.

But that's pretty much halted the rest of my projects -- exterior painting, more insulation and the bathroom.

My life has become a bit more complicated, I'm losing sleep, I'm not concentrating at work and Da Katz aren't exactly crazy about this new companion. Yet I'm in love.

Slowly, I'm working away at outstanding DIY -- my goal in 2011 is to get the 2010 projects done.