Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How long has this been going on?

I'm wondering, how long can a project remain unfinished?

One friend is on Year Four of a bathroom, another is halfway done after a couple of months. I'm on Month Three of the lattice fiasco, but I attribute my lack of progress on the heat. It was kinda dumb to do something outdoors this time of year.

On one segment of a DIY show, the homeowner revealed she had gone a year without a kitchen.

I've decided on a Plan B for the bathroom -- an updated floor, paint and some new towels -- and it's been about three weeks. I expect to be done by the end of this weekend. I need some framing work, but, wisely, I will leave that to someone else.

And then, I rest. Until fall, when I begin --- THE GREAT paint project. I'm going to paint the exterior of my house.

There will be photos.

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