Thursday, December 31, 2009

And the color is (drum roll...)

...Indigo Batik from Sherwin-Williams.

It makes me swoon.

A friend agrees, saying it's a good color for a South Carolina home. And, "it's got enough juju to scare away the haints."

Fine by me.

And, drum roll.... This is part of the north side of my house. Shot during the Southern Great Storm of 2010, which blew 8 inches through South Carolina in one day. (And melted in 36 hours). I peeked inside a wall inside my laundry room, which has the original siding in older colors, and found that this dark blue might have been the original color of the house. Good color karma.

i likee.


  1. I like the color, too. And I've been enjoying your blog- found it from someone else's blog ( Good luck with painting!

  2. Oooo I'm going to be watching this very closely. We are trying to find just the right grey and are having a hard time of it! I can't wait to see REAL pictures of a known color on the exterior of a house. Those computer-simulated pictures never look quite right to me.