Saturday, July 31, 2010

Get this party started?

I'm hosting a post-nuptial party for some good friends next week. So how will I explain my unfinished projects? Or should I?

I mean, people know me. They know I'm constantly working on my house.

Right now, the walls of my laundry room are partially exposed as I tear down siding for my exterior painting project (currently on hold until summer ends its simmering). And there's the slightly disassembed post in the bathroom.

Then there's the repairs unrepaired: the siding still unpainted, the eave that's rotting away along the back porch. The low spots in the yard. I notice all these things, everyday. Will anyone notice them during an evening's festivities?

How do you entertain while remodeling?

1 comment:

  1. Hmm. Since this party is for the happy couple and not an work-in-progress open house, just make sure the cooking, eating, and toileting spaces are safe, clean, and reasonably clear of tools, dropcloths, bent nails, stray bits of insulation, that finish sample you've been carrying around the past few days (no, wait a minute, that's me). Do your darnedest not to mention DIY unless someone else does first, and change the subject quickly when they do. Focus on your guests and have fun!

    Unless they really, really, REALLY want to know about that post in the bathroom . . . ;-)

    Kate H.